Rye bread – Good for your Heart and Health

Ahh rye bread. The bread of champions.

Not only is the taste of rye bread intensely satisfying, with its rich, dark, earthy undertones, but it’s also extremely healthy. A staple throughout the Middle Ages, rye bread originated from European countries such as Germany, Belgium and Poland. This recipe is dear to our hearts for both its traditional European roots and the health benefits that are a necessary part of our modern lifestyles!

Rye grain is closely related to wheat and yet lacks gluten properties. Rye baked goods are therefore mixed with wheat and are heavier, denser and darker than pure wheat bread and also carry related health benefits.

Rye can reduce body weight, improve insulin sensitivity and lower cholesterol. Talk about a wonder food! With rye bread containing a high level of bran, it also keeps the body satisfied for longer, leaving you less inclined to have food cravings. Although it can be hard to resist some of our sweet treats!

With a sturdy texture and light sour flavour, our Full Rye Sour Dough Bread provides the perfect base for a thick smear of cream cheese or sweet butter. It’s the heaviest and fullest loaf in our bread range and is high in fibre. With a touch of wheat flour and double baked, this bread has the traditional, crunchy crust that makes rye bread so satisfying.

Another of our favourite rye products is the Frankenleib. This classic Bavarian bread contains 60% rye and packs extra flavour with our own special blend of spices.

All of our rye products can be bought and enjoyed on any day of the week at all our stores.

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