Aussie people’s favourite platter – 30 pieces of Party Pies and Sausage Rolls Platter. They are fresh made, flakey, and utterly satisfying!

The platter includes:

-Sausage Roll x 10
-Quiche Lorraine x 5
-Quiche Spinach x 5
-Steak Pie x 5
-Gulasch Pie x 5

May you present you the best Aussie Meat Pie, our well-loved savoury platter! Once you try these pies you will never want to buy others.

– Sausage Roll: Freshly made flavourful pork mince wrapped in golden puff pastry. Best-ever sausage rolls!
– Quiche Lorraine: Classic French combination of bacon, eggs and cream.
– Quiche Spinach: Classic French combination of spinach, eggs, and cream.
– Steak Pie: Shortcrust pastry filled with slow cooked beef in a rich and gooey gravy topped with golden puff pastry. Have chunky pieces of steak in your every bite!
– Gulasch Pie: Flacke pie crust filled with gooey beef stew.

All the pie crust and fillings are hand made with finest ingredients. We spent hours to cook the beef stew to perfect. Don’t miss out on our signature savoury Pies and Sausage Rolls platter.

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