A classic german baked cheesecake with flaky and buttery shortcrust. Perfect with the creamy cheesecake filling.

Moreover, we use Quark in the cake! Give it a try and we promise you… it’s the best cheesecake in Brisbane.

Size: 19cm. Serves approx, 8 people.

Unlike most New York cheesecakes, German cheesecakes use housemade shortcrust instead of graham cracker or cookie crumbs. The other secret to authentic german cheesecake (Käsekuche) is using Quark. It makes the cake light and creamy!

  • What’s the difference between cream cheese and Quark?

Quark is a fresh, non-aged cheese similar in texture and thickness to Greek yogurt or sour cream. It’s healthier, high protein, and diet-friendly. Do you want to know why it is becoming more popular? This article from GoodtoKnow will explain more.

  • Where can you buy Quark in Brisbane?

Give us a call at (07) 3715 6022 to place an order.

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