This traditional cake is made out of sweet yeast dough and topped with a golden honey and almond crust, centered with a Bavarian custard cream filling.

Black Forest Slice

Layers of chocolate sponge, kirsch flavoured cream chocolate mousse and sour cherries topped with cream, chocolate shavings and sour cherries.

Blackforest Torte

Layers of chocolate sponge, kirsch flavoured cream chocolate mousse and sour cherries decorated with fresh cream and chocolate shavings.


A brezel is a baked snack that is ordinarily twisted into a unique knot-like shape.

Cheese Brezel

Brezel stick baked with cheese on top.

Family Apple Plunder

A large family apple pastry filled with a blend of fresh apples, custard and aromatic flavour. Serves approx. 10 people.

Family Cherry Plunder

A large family cherry pastry, filled with sour cherries and custard, ideal for morning tea functions. Serves approx.10 people.

Five Grain Loaf

This bread made of carefully selected 5 different grains brings you the flavorsome and nutty taste bread. Mixed with rye, wheat, whole meal flour, salt, fresh yeast and water. Skillfully prepared and hand molded to a perfection by our skilled Bakery Chefs

Laugen Sandwich

Lauge is made from wheat flour with yeast, the dough is briefly dipped in lye water before baking. Ideal for Sandwich making

Omas Apfelkuchen

Shortbread base filled with with apples, almonds, raisins, sour cream and custard. The topping is made of shortbread decorated with almonds and florentine.

Poppy Seed Plunder

Danish scroll filled with a Poppy seed filling which is made with Semolina, Almond meal, Vanilla and cinnamon topped with butter crumbles.

Sweet Cheese Plunder

Danish Pocket filled with our "Quark" - Cheese which gives it the unique flavor and texture.


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